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A Nymphadora Tonks/Anyone but Remus FQF
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Canon, schmanon! We come here not to bash Remus, but to praise Tonks. Because if she's a Metamorphmagus, shouldn't her love life be as varied as her looks? So, a Tonks/Anyone But Remus Rare Pair Fuh-Q-Fest will be coming soon!
adrian/tonks, alicia/tonks, androgyny, angelina/tonks, anthony goldstein/tonks, arthur/tonks, auror, aurors, barty crouch jr/tonks, bellatrix/tonks, bill/tonks, blackcest, blaise/tonks, brooms, cedric/tonks, charlie/tonks, cho/tonks, crabbe/tonks, dean/tonks, draco/tonks, dudley/tonks, dumbledore/tonks, ernie/tonks, femmeslash, fleur/tonks, flitwick/tonks, fred/tonks, fudge/tonks, fuh-q-fest, genderbending, george/tonks, giant squid/tonks, gilderoy/tonks, ginny/tonks, goyle/tonks, gryffindor, hagrid/tonks, hannah/tonks, harry/tonks, hermione/tonks, hestia jones/tonks, het, hogwarts, hufflepuff, katie/tonks, kingsley/tonks, lavender/tonks, lee/tonks, lucius/tonks, luna/tonks, lust, marcus/tonks, metamorphmagi, metamorphmagus, michael corner/tonks, millicent/tonks, minerva/tonks, ministry of magic, molly/tonks, moody/tonks, mundungus/tonks, narcissa/tonks, neville/tonks, nymphadora tonks, oliver/tonks, padma/tonks, pansy/tonks, parvati/tonks, penelope/tonks, percy/tonks, petunia/tonks, pink hair, poppy/tonks, quidditch, rare pairs, ravenclaw, regulus/tonks, rita/tonks, rodolphus/tonks, roger/tonks, romance, romilda/tonks, ron/tonks, rosmerta/tonks, scrimgeour/tonks, seamus/tonks, sex, sirius/tonks, slughorn/tonks, slytherin, smut, snape/tonks, sprout/tonks, stan shunpike/tonks, susan/tonks, sybill/tonks, terry boot/tonks, theodore/tonks, threesomes, tom riddle/tonks, tonks, twins/tonks, umbridge/tonks, vernon/tonks, viktor/tonks, voldemort/tonks, wands, weird sisters/tonks, zacharias/tonks